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    The Synquery which adopted the Lean Server Oriented Architecture, is building and operational frame for Web system. By limit to reduce the work of the server, we have achieved high response and scalability, high availability, even while ensuring security.

    data definition confronting early in the development, synquery frees developers from schema definition.
    By using directly coupling the data and DOM via the BOOK engine can be a Web system development intuitive.
    In addition, the standard equipment of the broadcast, the application of high readiness also can be easily constructed.

    A person for the first time , I prepared the sample that you can experience , see how the CRUD (create, read , update , delete) of data that is synchronized in real time. Enjoy the essence of synquery.
    ※ I am to control the start-up application at the input to the prompt that appears .
    ※ 1 input screen window , open window about 2 list screen , it is easy to experience the behavior .

    0: Input screen
      - You registered (drag-drop possible , automatic resizing ) , the e-mail address image .
      - Autocomplete will be applied to the e-mail address .
      - Progressive upload and broadcast , input and checks are made .
      ( Update if there is a match e-mail address , otherwise add one )

    1: List

      - List is automatically updated by the broadcast event.
      - And deletion is by right-clicking. Delete will also be notified
      - Images are downloaded progressively .

    Source codes of this sample application are here .

    We will be conducted from time to time Description / briefing on the development and operation and concept of synquery.
    Please contact the Corporation East Cloud Inc. from the inquiry form here If you are inquiries about the sample , you are looking for .